Wilmington College's Watson Library

Watson Library at Wilmington College promotes an atmosphere of life-long learning by providing students, faculty, and staff with access to the abundance of resources and services they need.

OhioLINK recently spoke with Lucinda Chandler, library director, to learn more about what the library has to offer.

What are your top three points of pride in your library?

  1. Our special collections would have to be our first point of pride. Examples of these would be our children’s book and Quaker collection which includes rare research and history outlining details about Quakers and what there is to learn from them.
  2. Secondly, we are proud of our numerous student instructional programs. We love to help out in every way that we can, and we have found these to be quite popular and useful for students to learn what they want to.
  3. Lastly, our library wouldn’t be anything without our warm and welcoming staff. They love the library and love helping students, faculty and staff even more.

What is the most popular spot in your library for patrons?

Any of the comfy chairs/couches found throughout the library

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

We have been a member since 1997.

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