Youngstown State University's William F. Maag Jr. Library

The William F. Maag, Jr. Library at Youngstown State University supports learning by providing instruction, resources, and facilities to meet faculty and students' needs.

OhioLINK recently spoke to Ana Torres and Christine Adams, co-library directors, about the library’s abundance of resources provided for students and faculty.

What are your top three points of pride in your library?

  1. Maag Library is very proud of its focus on students. The librarians and staff go above and beyond to help students succeed and learn the research skills necessary for their academic and career success. The library is also actively engaged in textbook and other affordable learning initiatives.
  2. Maag Library is proud of the building and furniture enhancements we have made over the past year and a half. The library’s lobby was remodeled providing a more welcoming space with new furniture that offers patrons diverse seating options and power towers that increased charging capabilities. The 3rd floor group study area was completely overhauled in an effort to provide open, dynamic, and collaborative learning spaces with new furniture, carpeting, and technology that meet the individual and group needs of diverse learners.  The 6th floor was also updated after an extensive weeding project, increasing the seating capacity and new furniture options for patrons seeking better silent study spaces.
  3. Maag Library is extremely proud that together with YSU’s Student Government Association, we will soon be offering a family study room, a place where student parents can bring their children. This new resource will offer a family-friendly place for student parents to be able to study and work on projects while being able to supervise their children. The room will provide child-friendly furniture, children’s books, toys, computers, and learning manipulatives available for checkout.

What is the most popular spot in your library for patrons?

The newly remodeled 3rd floor area adjacent to the Maag Café has certainly become the most popular spot in the library. The facilities and furniture enhancements include a large, open, and flexible collaborative space of about 5,000 square feet with a strong emphasis on active learning. Walls were removed to open up the space, new carpeting was installed, walls were painted, and new furniture was added supporting many modes of learning. The new area provides computer access, a smart TV viewing area, listening stations, and podcast booths. There is an abundance of group and individual seating with different options such as couches, tables, and comfortable chairs that promote interaction and re-configuration as needed. Large mobile and smaller personal whiteboards that can be shared with a team or snapped on table-mounted docks are scattered throughout the area.  We recently installed a Verb table that supports technology integration from laptops to a monitor, allowing students and faculty to share content and ideas. This new area has been so popular with students that we had to increase seating. Faculty has even started to bring small classes to the area –they love the mobility, technology integration, and reconfiguration flexibility that allow them and their students to be inspired and engaged.

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

Youngstown State University is a founding member of OhioLINK - 1988.

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