Tip of the Week - #021 (Check those bag labels)

Keywords: 3 digit number, shipping, bags, Priority Dispatch

It is very important to double check the labels that you put on Priority Dispatch label bags. Many sites have similar sounding names or begin with the same word(s). This is especially true for branch libraries or other campus locations. If you put the wrong label on the bag, the material will be delivered to the wrong location. This significantly delays the time it takes to get the material to the borrower and may contribute to the material being lost in never-never land. To avoid this, it is recommended that you match paging slips and mailing labels to the 3 digit number assigned to each Priority Dispatch delivery stop. These numbers are unique to each stop and if matched should get the material to the correct location. So, please caution your folks who pack the bags to always double check the label with the 3 digit number on the paging slip and make sure they match.