OhioLINK statement regarding ADE 4 Reader

OhioLINK is aware of the privacy and security concerns around the newly released Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) 4 Reader. OhioLINK users should be aware that the vast majority of ebooks OhioLINK has purchased do not require the use of Adobe Digital Editions. These include the titles in the EBC (Electronic Book Collection), Oxford Scholarship Online, and the Wiley and Springer ebook collections. However, the use of ADE is required by a small collection of titles purchased through ProQuest’s eBrary platform.

ADE Reader is a desktop application that is commonly used for reading eBooks which are protected with Adobe’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.  Many booksellers and online lending services use Adobe DRM for their ebooks.

Adobe has confirmed that information about titles protected with this DRM software is being transmitted in an unencrypted format to Adobe via the ADE 4 Reader. The data is being passed from the ADE 4 Reader client software used to open the ebook, not from the ebook lending service.

For users concerns about the operation of the new ADE 4, we encourage the use of the ADE 3 Reader. ADE 3 does not communicate with Adobe except to validate the license to unlock the DRM protected book.

ADE 3 Reader is available for download at this address: http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/downloads.html

For further assistance, please email support@ohiolink.edu