Anita Cook

Librarian, Shared Resources and ILS

Anita Cook, a long term employee of OhioLINK, is currently serving in a half-time position as Librarian, Shared Resources and ILS. She currently helps support the Systems and Technical Services department, coordinates PCIRC and the courier system, serves as liaison to the depository managers and directors, and provides an OhioLINK historical context when needed. 

For 22 years previous, Cook served as the full time Coordinator of OhioLINK Catalogs. In this position, she served as the principle implementer of the OhioLINK Central Catalog and its online requesting system call PCIRC. This system allows faculty, students, and staff of our member institutions to request books and other materials from any other member in the state and have them delivered within 3 to 5 days. Cook also oversaw many of the OhioLINK developments such as the eBook Center, the ETD Center and the Digital Media Center during her tenure, supervising staff, and serving as system administrator for the three Innovative Interfaces machines.

Cook has 37 years in the libraries including supervising circulation desks at the University of Denver and the University of Nebraska, and overseeing technical systems at each of those institutions. She has a Master of Arts in Librarianship from the University of Denver and a Master of Arts in Information Systems from the University of Nebraska. She even spent a short stint working at a research library in the Artic at Point Barrow, Alaska.

Anita Cook officially retired from OhioLINK in October of 2014, but agreed to come back to work half-time in December 2014. She works from home in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, where she moved after retirement.

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