Licensing for Accessibility

Title slide for the webinar.
Jun 23, 2020

Supporting digital accessibility is complicated for academic libraries, because most of the content and platforms we offer are created by third-party vendors. We want to support users of assistive technologies and other accommodations, but must work with vendors to accomplish this goal. Conversations with vendor partners about the need for accessible platforms and content is a starting point, but doesn’t address immediate needs of users. Including in a license agreement terms about accessibility clarifies in an enforceable way the expectations for both sides. By incorporating terms into licenses covering accessibility support and expectations of performance of a platform or digital delivery method, a library can better support all its patrons. In this session, Anita Foster and Kevin Bauer will discuss their process of integrating accessibility into a licensing workflow, including the use of specific language in licenses, and how their work enabled them to be responsive to an institutional implementation of a digital accessibility policy.

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