OhioLINK Strategic Framework 2022-2025

I am pleased to be able to share this strategic framework to help OhioLINK focus and prioritize its consortial planning through the next few years.

Thanks to our steering committee for their guidance and feedback, as well as all the library directors and staff who participated in group discussions and a wide-reaching survey.

One note: I’d like to clarify that when we speak of OhioLINK in this framework, we are referring to the consortium and its members, not just the staff in OhioLINK’s central office. We are all OhioLINK.

Now the hard work begins! OhioLINK liaisons will start working with OhioLINK Policy Teams to develop objectives that support this vision.

Please check back to monitor our progress. This page will evolve as we add specific initiatives under the relevant directions.



Amy Pawlowski
Executive Director, OhioLINK

OhioLINK's Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework is a blueprint that will guide our future work. It provides high-level areas of focus which OhioLINK staff and member libraries will use to develop and prioritize the projects, goals, and objectives that move us toward our vision.

Our Strategic Directions

Lead Coordinated Shared Solutions
We work together to develop innovative and efficient solutions to best serve our communities.
Develop Strong Value Propositions
We analyze data and share the stories that demonstrate the value and impact of OhioLINK and of our libraries.
Advance Research, Learning, and Scholarship
We develop and manage resources, services, and tools that support student success, research innovation, and knowledge creation.
Engage Our Communities
We actively foster opportunities for meaningful engagement and knowledge exchange among members, community and professional partners, key stakeholders, and constituents.
Plan and Manage Resources Effectively
We steward resources responsibly to position our consortium for sustained change and growth.


Download a PDF of the Strategic Framework.