Using the OhioLINK Basecamp

May 2, 2024

Brief overview of using the OhioLINK Basecamp for Working Group members and Project Leads. This video is about 8 minutes long.

Sierra to Alma Extracts

Mar 14, 2024

This is a follow-up discussion to the earlier February 23rd meeting with Ex Libris about the upcoming data extraction from Sierra.

Rapido Overview

Webinar title page
Mar 13, 2024

This webinar is an overview of the library resource sharing platform, Rapido and is intended for all OhioLINK librarians and staff.


Mar 12, 2024

Working with acquisitions in Alma

Primo VE

Mar 5, 2024

A brief overview of Primo VE, how it's used, and Primo VE configurations