Music Center

Music Center Release Notes

Music Center 2.0 release

Date: July 13, 2022

The content and features in the OhioLINK Music Center 2.0 will not change significantly with this platform change. It is primarily an update to the underlying technology.

  • Users will see an updated UI that is in the OhioLINK "family" of local platforms, similiar to the EJC and ETD Center.
  • Users will be able to authenticate via IP, off campus login, and proxies. There is an EZproxy stanza available here.
  • The URL for the Music Center will not change.
  • We cannot guarantee that the "handle" URLs (e.g. sends e-mail)) in the legacy Music Center will redirect. (OhioLINK does not control the "handle" URL system.) As such, we have updated the Music Center items to use RAVE URLs.
  • OhioLINK will update the affected Central Catalog records on July 13th with the new RAVE URLs for Music Center items. The RAVE URL syntax for Music Center items is: sends e-mail) (where ##### is the unique item number found at the end of the "handle" URL)


Legacy URL: sends e-mail)

New RAVE URL: sends e-mail)

  • The initial release does not include usage statistics. A later release will include COUNTER 5 compliant usage statistics. The new usage statistics will be available in the Member Portal. 

Flash Player Replacement 

On December 17, 2020 we will replace the Flash player with a new streaming player. The functionality of the new player is slightly different. It does not require a browser plug in.