Music Center

Music Center Release Notes

Usage Statistics Available

June 2, 2023

Music Center usage statistics are now available in the Member Portal 6.4.3 under "Other Stats". The stats are available from July 13, 2022 - present.

Music Center 2.0 release

Date: July 13, 2022

The content and features in the OhioLINK Music Center 2.0 will not change significantly with this platform change. It is primarily an update to the underlying technology.

  • Users will see an updated UI that is in the OhioLINK "family" of local platforms, similiar to the EJC and ETD Center.
  • Users will be able to authenticate via IP, off campus login, and proxies. There is an EZproxy stanza available here.
  • The URL for the Music Center will not change.
  • We cannot guarantee that the "handle" URLs (e.g. sends e-mail)) in the legacy Music Center will redirect. (OhioLINK does not control the "handle" URL system.) As such, we have updated the Music Center items to use RAVE URLs.
  • OhioLINK will update the affected Central Catalog records on July 13th with the new RAVE URLs for Music Center items. The RAVE URL syntax for Music Center items is: sends e-mail) (where ##### is the unique item number found at the end of the "handle" URL)


Legacy URL: sends e-mail)

New RAVE URL: sends e-mail)

  • The initial release does not include usage statistics. A later release will include COUNTER 5 compliant usage statistics. The new usage statistics will be available in the Member Portal. 

Flash Player Replacement 

On December 17, 2020 we will replace the Flash player with a new streaming player. The functionality of the new player is slightly different. It does not require a browser plug in.