Electronic Journal Center (EJC)

EJC Release Notes

EJC 6.4.2 Release Notes

Date: February 2, 2023

This is a minor release that will change the RAVE URLs that display in the EJC and are included in the Member Portal current holdings report from http to https

Discontinuing Support for Legacy EJC URLs

Thursday, November 5, 2020

OhioLINK will discontinue support for EJC legacy URLs. These URLs were  used by the “old” (pre-August 2016) EJC and were supported in order to bridge the gap between the old legacy EJC and the current EJC systems for anyone who had not used RAVE URLs to bookmark content.

The discontinued URL schemas are:


Where {legacyissuehandle} and {legacyarticlehandle} are the internal identifiers from the legacy EJC.

Other URLs no longer supported include:

and similiar URLs. We recommend you always use a RAVE URL when you are linking to a journal title in the EJC

EJC 6.1 Release Notes

Date: October 2020

EJC 6.1 is a major release that includes three major changes:

  • a new user interface with minor changes to functionality including more ways to search on the List of Journals page
  • the discontinuation of the MyEJC personalization feature
  • additional support for WCAG 2.1. Please note that EJC 6.1 is not yet fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 but this release does make improvements. Per OhioLINK policy, there is an approved exception for this release on file with the Ohio State University Digital Accessibility Office.

EJC 5.1 Release Notes

Date: December 27, 2018

EJC 5.1 supports the implementation of COUNTER 5 usage statistics. COUNTER 5 statistics are available for members to download via the OhioLINK Members Portal (link sends e-mail)

There are no user-facing changes in this release.

EJC 5.0.2 Release Notes

Date: September 5, 2018

EJC 5.0.2 fixed an error introduced in EJC 5.0 that caused journals without a subject assigned to them to be unsearchable on the Find Journals page.


EJCSRCH-66          Search problem on Find Journals page


EJC 5.0.1 Release Notes

Date: 22 August 2018

EJC 5.0.1 fixed a regression error introduced in the 5.0 release that cause MyEJC users to be unable to see easily see a list of journal titles that they have alerts set up for.


EJCSRCH-64                 Change text in the main search box


EJC 5.0 Release Notes

Date: August 15, 2018

EJC 5.0 is a major release that includes significant changes to the Browse Journals (renamed Find Journals), changes to the Advanced Search, the removal of the Have a Citation page, and the ability to search by the wildcards * and ?.

New Features and Enhancements

EJCSRCH-41                 Change text in the main search box

EJCSRCH-52                 Remove the general search box from the top of the Find Journals page and Advanced Search page

EJCSRCH-5                   If no search results found on Find Journals page, add message

EJCSRCH-55                 Find Journals search -- "Enter" should initiate search

EJCSRCH-61                 Remove Have a Citation?

EJCSRCH-11                 If "google" search is for a single issn (with or without hyphen),show link to journal title page(s) at the top of the search results

EJCSRCH-51                 Add "what page am i on" indicator for Find Journals page

EJCSRCH-60                 Change to clear search on Find Journals page

EJCSRCH-17                 Improve article searching using wildcards * and ?

EJCSRCH-21                 User can search for by title and ISSN on new Find Journals page

EJCSRCH-23                 Actions menu limited to Reset and results per page on new FInd Journals page

EJCSRCH-30                 Dates displayed on journal page should not include "invisible" content

EJCSRCH-42                 Remove eStudent Services link from EJC Footer

EJCSRCH-58                 Advanced Search should show  display the follow fields available for searching -- DOI, Title, Author, Keyword, Abstract, and Journal Title

EJCSRCH-59                 Navigation moved to top of page


EJCSRCH-46                 Error on search requires reloading page

EJCSRCH-56                 Search results order is inconsistent for the same search depending on where the search is done

EJC 4.9.2 Release Notes

Date: May 30, 2018

EJC 4.9.2 includes minor improvements and fixes

New Features

EJCSRCH-12                 Next and Previous article navigation added to article pages

EJCSRCH-29                 Publisher site links are no longer mandatory (to support content that is no longer accessible at a publisher site)


EJCSRCH-2                 When logged in, the "My Journal" and "Alert" columns should not act as if they are sortable

EJCSRCH-3                 Removed redundant Reading List tools on right sidebar

EJCSRCH-4                 Removed redundant Saved Search functionality on Advanced Search results page

EJCSRCH-25               Ability to create a new reading list from the Read List modal

EJCSRCH-27               Options for facets/refinements are not displayed when there are zero search results

EJCSRCH-28              Changes to labels for Advanced Search and Facets/Refinements


EJCSRCH-6                 Journal title changes “Continues” and “Continued by” are both displayed (when appropriate)

EJCSRCH-10                Various error messages improved


EJC 4.9 Release Notes

Date: November 16, 2016

EJC 4.9 includes improvements to citations, journal sorting, and the addition of a rave link for each journal title.

Fixes and Enhancements

EJC-204                 Improvements to citation formatting

EJC-300                 Citations and authors errors on article page under certain circumstances

EJC-240                 Additional text on Browse Journals page

EJC-302                 Display rave link to the title from the journal title page

EJC 4.9                  Also includes miscellaneous volume sorting improvements and OhioLINK EJC Administration fixes.


EJC 4.8.2 Release Notes

Date: October 5, 2016

EJC 4.8.2 includes improvements for responsive design for mobile and handheld devices; web content accessibility; Citation display; and Reading List facets.

Fixes and Enhancements

EJC-24                  Should be some visual indication that you are on the Advanced Search or Have a Citation interface.

EJC-60                  Date slider is unusable from some mobile devices

EJC-142                Need better cues about what page you are on in Mobile

EJC-149                OhioLINK logo on homepage sizing

EJC-150                Responsive web design - Advanced Search, Have a Citation, and Browse Journals links need to work better on mobile/handheld

EJC-161                Accessibility enhancements

EJC-174                Selected Saved Search with one line should expand Advanced Search fields

EJC-214                Journal pagination not displaying when pagination begins with a letter or special character

EJC-226                Firefox search box cutting off bottom of text

EJC-250                Facets and refine search don't work from a Reading List

EJC-251                In some cases, error for missing PDF when PDF is actually present

EJC-255                Journal image aspect ratio wrong

EJC-261                Browse Journals not sorting correctly

EJC-264                Citations don’t display in particular cases

EJC-265                Citations don't display in numerical order in particular cases

EJC-270                Forgot password pop up is confusing

EJC-274                Abstract display doesn't work in some cases

EJC-275                Paging through search results is not working as expected

EJC-277                Journal search box works incorrectly when using arrows to navigate

EJC-290                Navigation to Advanced Search and Citation Search don't work from a Journal Page when the journal has a title change

EJC-297                “Select Columns” on the ACTIONS tab doesn't work. Removed the option