Operational Set-up Checklist

_____ 1. Create and duplicate the customized OhioLINK book band (master available from OhioLINK)

[Appendix B.1.a.: sample book band]

[Appendix B.1.b.: sample book band for Pickup Anywhere]

Every book band must include a "To:" line at the top, the OhioLINK logo, a date due line, and an "owned by" address box. It is very important that the address in the owned by box match exactly the address on the US Cargo(USC)label. You need a different book band for each USC stop at your institution. Borrowing libraries use the address box exclusively to determine where to return material.


_____ 2. Make copies of the OhioLINK address labels for the Priority bags (masters are available through OhioLINK)

[Appendix B.2.a.: sample Priority shipping label]

A heavier stock paper tends to work better and last longer than standard stock. Make sure that you have at least one label for every library listed as an OhioLINK member on the OhioLINK/USC manifest form. You can print off labels to use as masters at: https://platinum.ohiolink.edu/cgi-bin/priority-labels


_____ 3. Get a supply of OhioLINK/USC canvas bags and bubble bags (from OhioLINK)

Canvas bags come in two sizes--bubble bags in four sizes. Make sure to get a good supply of each size.

The following are helpful hints compiled by experienced PCIRCers:

You will need a work space dedicated to OhioLINK processing. It should have a PC and a printer, lots of counter or table top space for sorting books, some book shelves so that you can keep incoming materials separate from outgoing materials. You need to have a place to file the USC labels and a place to store the bulky packaging materials.

There are a few things that will come in handy: a blank OhioLINK book band for the materials that you sometimes receive without a band, and OhioLINK stamps of various sizes for use in a variety of situations (e.g. date due slips, OhioLINK notices and invoices, paging slips, pick-up notices, and hold cancellation notices). You'll find a lot of uses.


_____ 4. Get a supply of vinyl portfolios or tyvek envelopes (from OhioLINK)

Use these special envelopes for photocopies. Leave the cardboard inside the portfolio or envelope; its purpose is to keep the material flat.

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