About OhioLINK

116 academic libraries are full members of OhioLINK. These libraries are distributed among 88 different Ohio colleges and universities. OhioLINK membership includes the State Library of Ohio, 16 public university libraries, 51 independent college libraries, 23 two-year college libraries, 16 regional campus libraries, 8 law school libraries and 5 medical school libraries.

Together, OhioLINK, the Ohio Library and Information Network, and its member libraries provide access to:

  • over 46 million books and other library materials
  • more than 100 electronic research databases
  • over 24 million electronic journal articles
  • over 100,000 e-books
  • nearly 85,000 images, videos and sounds
  • over 58,000 theses and dissertations from Ohio students at 31 Ohio institutions


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