Governance and Committees

Library Advisory Council

Reviews and approves all policies for carrying out the OhioLINK program as proposed by the four standing committees. Discusses and approves major funding measures. Participates in strategic planning. Consists of library directors from all public universities (including two private universities), and representatives from independent and two year colleges.

Lead Implementors

Overall responsibility for maintaining OhioLINK policies and procedures on local Innovative systems. Meet to share information and to participate in ongoing training opportunities. Consists of library systems librarians.

Cooperative Information Resources Management Committee

Explores and makes recommendations to the Library Advisory Council on new databases and publishers that OhioLINK should consider acquiring. Focuses on cooperative resource management issues and recommends new policies and procedures. Consists of collection development and acquisitions librarians.

Database Management and Standards Committee

Maintains quality standards for the central catalog. Creates policies and procedures concerning all metadata for all members to follow. Consists of cataloging librarians.

Intercampus Services Committee

Recommends policies and procedures for statewide resource sharing. Coordinates operations among local sites and between local/central site. Oversees document delivery systems. Consists of circulation and interlibrary-loan librarians.

User Services Committee

Provides development input for all user interfaces developed or maintained by OhioLINK. Reviews systems and recommends enhancements. Organizes and provides training for both OhioLINK and vendor-based systems. Participates in promotional efforts. Consists of public service librarians.