Electronic Book Center (EBC)

EBC Platform Release Notes

June 12, 2021 Release

New Features and Updates

The OhioLINK EBC Advanced Search now includes two improvements that had been requested by the OhioLINK community. Using the Advanced Search, EBC users can now:

  • perform full text searching across all books
  • limit the search to titles only

The COUNTER 5 reports were changed to align with post-release clarifications. As a result, we recommend re-running COUNTER reports for the first half of 2021. 

List of changes: 

  • Large reports (over 30 days or consortium reports) to be emailed
  • Formatting updates to report headers
  • Renaming/adding column names to match standard (e.g. Publisher_Name is now Publisher)
  • Removed unnecessary columns from DR (YOP, Access_Type)
  • Fixed Data_Type & Section_Type
  • Now unique_title_investigations & unique_title_requests totals consistent for all reports

December 30, 2020 Release

OhioLINK launched the new EBC platform hosted by BiblioBoard. The FAQ document below includes more information on the launch, including actions that libraries may need to take.