OhioLINK Central Catalog

The OhioLINK Central Catalog is the union catalog for OhioLINK libraries, providing bibliographic and holdings information, including current circulation status. The Central Catalog is built and maintained in real time, with local catalogs automatically contributing local updates. The Central Catalog:

  • Receives records from multiple sites in real time.
  • Employs a "master record" concept, with a holdings display of all sites that hold the title.
  • Uses sophisticated matching software to merge holdings from individual sites into one master record.

One bibliographic record per work serves as the Central Catalog's "master" bibliographic record. One library is the "owner" of the record.

Standards for contributing records to Central:

How the system matches and merges bibliographic records:

How a master record gets changed or deleted:

Central Catalog displays and indexing:

December 2014

Updated January 2023