Young female student reviewing eTutoring instruction on a tablet.eTutoringOnline is a growing collaborative effort between Ohio’s two- and four-year institutions, allowing undergraduate students to interact with trained tutors in numerous academic areas.

All public and private institutions of higher learning in the state are invited to join the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, free of charge to the university and free of charge to students. The goal of the program is to have all 107 Ohio Institutions of Higher Education join the eTutoring Collaborative making eTutoringOnline services available to more than 350,000 students in Ohio.

Live sessions take place in a ZOOM room within the eTutoringOnline platform room utilizing audio and video, a whiteboard, document-sharing and instant messaging. Writing students utilize the eTutoringOnline platform by uploading papers for review by tutors and receive written encouragement and suggestions on improving the written work.

eTutoringOnline provides academic support for traditional classes, online courses, and for distance learning students. eTutoringOnline is available beyond the typically on-campus academic support centers’ hours and for students who cannot make it to campus. Students can also post questions that do not require immediate answers.

If your institution is interested in this statewide-initiative, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact Karen Boyd, Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, 614-247-8665,