Bowling Green State University's Robert Michael McKay, Ph.D., and George Bullerjahn, Ph.D., are on the front lines of battling the algal bloom in Lake Erie. Among their best weapons are the vast resources of OhioLINK.
Affordable Learning is OhioLINK's series of initiatives to lower the cost of college for Ohio higher education students by assisting our member libraries and campuses in identifying strategies for Open and Affordable Learning textbook and course material adoption.
Tiffin University’s Pfeiffer Library provides its students and visitors a quality of service that is greatly appreciated. This quality of service could not be accomplished without the teamwork within the library staff. For more great info on Pfeiffer Library, take a look at our newest featured library profile.
OhioLINK negotiates for and manages more than $30 million dollars worth of high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles on behalf of over 120 member libraries serving more than 450,000 students, faculty and researchers across Ohio. Our newest video takes you through the journey of an article to explain how it all happens.
OhioLINK’s most recent addition to the team is Johnathan Michael, the resource acquisitions and contracting assistant. Johnathan brings a degree from Ohio University along with a background in education and music to the OhioLINK team.


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Students, faculty, staff and researchers at nearly every Ohio college or university have unparalleled access to the print and electronic resources essential to their academic pursuits.

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Staff members at any of our 121 member-libraries can easily access important resource news, information and guidelines to manage the benefits they receive from OhioLINK.

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Library and other academic partners work collaboratively with OhioLINK - the Ohio Library and Information Network to offer the greatest breadth and depth of resources to our patrons at substantial savings to the State of Ohio.