Researchers can appreciate OhioLINK’s vast stockpile of literature from around the world, but perhaps none so much as Xavier University’s Suparna Chatterjee. Her work combines information from economics, history, business and anthropology to study how ideas spread and impact the lives of people across the globe.
Xavier University's McDonald Library has a long history of offering its patrons an experienced staff and an array of items to meet the needs of its patrons. Be sure to read all about the McDonald Library in our newest Featured Library profile.
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OhioLINK libraries make obtaining a book from a member academic library an incredibly easy, smooth process. Do you know how? Take a look inside the "Journey of an OhioLINK Book" as we detail the entire trip.
Hali Finfrock used OhioLINK resources to learn how numbers got their shapes and evolved through the years. Click on the image above to find out how a simple conversation on Ohio State University-Lima's campus turned into a project that unraveled a wealth of knowledge for one math major.


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