Oberlin College Library was the first non-charter independent library to join OhioLINK. Learn why students flock there for quiet and comfort.
Bridget Fricke and fellow WSU biomedical engineering classmates in a senior capstone class designed and produced a prosthetic foot – customizable and scalable to the individual. Read more.
Each year, lung cancer kills more men and women worldwide than any other cancer, accounting for about 160,000 deaths in the U.S. alone each year. Rose Zolondek is doing something about it by attacking the disease at its roots. And OhioLINK's vast Electronic Journal Center is playing a major role in Zolondek's research.
While many who love OhioLINK testify to peers in other states that they don’t know what they’re missing, Ohio University's Alexa Fox knows firsthand what it’s like to miss out. Find out how she uses OhioLINK to teach about smarter marketing tactics.
Ivy Carlsen, her husband and two of her children use OhioLINK to borrow textbooks instead of buying them. The statewide library consortium has resulted in significant savings – both in time and money – for the family. Carlsen estimated that the family has borrowed more than 50 textbooks through OhioLINK.


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Students, faculty, staff and researchers at nearly every Ohio college or university have unparalleled access to the print and electronic resources essential to their academic pursuits.

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Staff members at any of our 121 member-libraries can easily access important resource news, information and guidelines to manage the benefits they receive from OhioLINK.

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Library and other academic partners work collaboratively with OhioLINK - the Ohio Library and Information Network to offer the greatest breadth and depth of resources to our patrons at substantial savings to the State of Ohio.