Josh Javor - a Pelotonia Undergraduate Fellowship Recipient - recently sat down with us to discuss how access to OhioLINK and Ohio State University Libraries benefits his research. Click above to watch the video.
University of Cincinnati anthropology professor has developed a novel technique to apply the concepts of human culture and behavior to her newest venture into graphic design, after earning a master’s degree in the subject. Some of her obscure research topics led her to OhioLINK’s resources, which, in turn led her to a design stint – creating the graphics for OhioLINK’s Pelotonia jerseys.
The OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center (EJC) has undergone a rebuild in recent months and our new, upgraded version is slated to launch on Aug. 4, right around the corner. This new EJC will be a significant upgrade both in infrastructure and interface. How much will it improve? Take a look at our newest blog post previewing the new EJC!
Joanna Voss, OhioLINK's Collections Analyst, recently presented on what we learned from the (e)Book Snapshot Project. Read more in her most recent blog!
University of Cincinnati’s central library is the Walter C. Langsam Library and it is a popular meeting and working space for all students. To read more about the Langsam Library, be sure to check our newest Featured Library profile.
Read our newest blog and check out the video about Otterbein's Courtright Memorial Library and the musical stairs project they housed.
OhioLINK libraries make obtaining a book from a member academic library an incredibly easy, smooth process. Do you know how? Take a look inside the "Journey of an OhioLINK Book" as we detail the entire trip.
Learn more about the OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center and check out our newest overview flyer.
OhioLINK is once again participating in Pelotonia! For more information click the banner.
Read more about the Value of OhioLINK in our new brochure.
Ohio’s College Credit Plus program allows Ohio grade 7-12 public school students who qualify for college admission to earn secondary and college credit at the same time by taking college courses. Learn more about the library resources students have access to, including OhioLINK.


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