Ostaff: Information for Library Staff

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The Ostaff pages are designed for library staff at OhioLINK member institutions.  NOTE TO COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Some of this information has been migrated to the new Ostaff site. Please check there for current information if you can't find something here.

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Library Resources

Electronic Resources*

Print Circulation

Catalog Information

Discovery Layer and Full Text Finder*

ETD Center Documentation


Information for New Staff at Member Libraries*

Technical Support & Support Requests


Mailing Lists*

Reports and Data*

OhioLINK Research Awards

Marketing Materials

Memorandum of Understanding (pdf)

Committees and Working Groups

Meeting Schedule

Inclement Weather Policy

OhioLINK Summit 2018

Committee and Working Group Pages

In September 2017 the LAC voted to revise the standing committee structure in 2018. These pages are in the process of being updated.

Upcoming changes as voted on by LAC

Diagram of the new team structure