Problems and Exceptions

This section covers some problems and exceptions to the usual transactions. Sometimes these situations need to be resolved through direct communication between the borrowing and lending libraries. This is why we have PCIRC contacts! Each institution has designated one or two people as their PCIRC contact(s). These individuals should expect to investigate and solve problems for their institution and for all campus libraries, regional libraries, and affiliate libraries. If you have an unusual situation with a patron or a book from another library, call or e-mail the PCIRC contact and try to arrive at a solution that will work out well for both parties.

Some of the situations that the PCIRC contact people will have to deal with as they arise are:

Unfilled/Unanswered Requests

When patrons point out to you that they have an OhioLINK hold on their patron record with a status of "requested" for more than a week, you should investigate by first checking the OhioLINK Central Catalog to see if the request registered with OhioLINK central. If it is recorded there, check the lending library's catalog to see if the request got that far.


Visiting Patrons

Use the INNOPAC function "Check OUT to visiting OhioLINK patron", using the patron's home institution ID card. This creates a PCIRC transaction, which posts the transaction to the patron's record at his home library, and creates a virtual patron record in the lending library's item record. Band each book, just like a PCIRC loan. The patron's home library is also responsible for overdue notices, fines, etc.


Recalled Items

OhioLINK items are recalled only for course reserves. There is no way for the system to issue a recall on OhioLINK loans. If, however, you need an item, contact the patron's library and ask them to get the item back from the patron. The borrowing library staff will make every effort to retrieve the item.


Lost Items

Notify the PCIRC contact at the owning library when your patron loses an OhioLINK item. The policies and procedures for handling overdue and lost materials can be found at:


Claims Returned Items

When a patron claims to have returned a book which has not been checked-in and is still on their patron record, the borrowing library's PCIRC representative should notify the lending library by email or telephone about the claims returned, so that the lending library's shelves can be checked for the book. If the book is not located, a message should be posted to the PCIRC list asking all sites to look for the book. If the item is still not found, it should be checked-in on the Innovative system using the INN-Reach Claims Returned Procedures.

The lending library should hold off from billing the borrowing library for replacement until next reconcile period; however, the borrowing library may bill their patron for replacement and fees at any time per OhioLINK policy.

Procedures for Institutional Claims Returns, which are those items checked-in from the patron by the borrowing library but not received by the home (lending) library, can be found at

Damaged Items

If a patron damages an item, the patron should be charged for replacement and a processing fee or for rebinding. Damage must be noted before the final check-in at the lending library (after the final check-in, no record of the borrower remains).


Money Owed for Lost Books and Fines

Money collected from the patron, either for fines, damaged items, or lost billed items, stays with the patron's library. According to OhioLINK policy, no money is exchanged between libraries.


Lost Book Reconciliation

The Inter-Campus Services Committee has developed an annual procedure to enable libraries to work effectively in making restitution for materials not returned to the owning library while still enabling and encouraging the return of materials by patrons. In general, it is agreed that most materials are returned to libraries within two years. Thus, the reconciliation of lost materials between libraries is done annually for material that is two or more years overdue.

Financial agreements between the patron and his/her library (borrowing library) rests solely within the purview of the patron's library. Specifically, the borrowing library may collect money from its patrons for lost or claimed returned items at any time. This money is kept by the patron's library and is not transferred to the owning library.

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