How to Access OhioLINK Databases

Your library and OhioLINK provide many databases of electronic resources from major information providers and publishers, licensed and paid for under contractual agreements. OhioLINK licensed databases are available to students, faculty, and staff at OhioLINK member libraries. Access is determined by one of two criteria:

  • Your physical location: which campus you are at when using OhioLINK databases
  • Your status as a currently enrolled student, faculty or staff member of an OhioLINK institution

Anyone in the world can access the OhioLINK home page, the OhioLINK Library Catalog, individual library catalogs, and databases created by OhioLINK.


If you are using a computer on an OhioLINK campus, in a library, lab, office, or dorm, you automatically have access to the databases that this campus subscribes to. Access is determined by IP (internet protocol) address.


From an off-campus location, such as your home or workplace, you must log-in to search databases that your library subscribes to. Your library may provide a mechanism for off-campus access to its resources; check with the librarians at your library.

If you are coming from off-campus, and attempt to access a restricted resource, you will be asked to authenticate by choosing your home campus and entering your name and ID assigned from that campus.  If you have trouble authenticating, please contact your local library for assistance.

Ohio Residents

If you are an Ohio resident, you have access to many databases through your public library. Contact your library or OPLIN. You can connect from within your public library or through the library Web site using your library card. Also, Ohio schools have access to many resources. Contact your school librarian or INFOhio.

April 2007