Wiley OA Publishing: Information for Authors

What is OhioLINK?

OhioLINK, part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, is Ohio’s academic library consortium. Easy, fast access to a vast amount of scholarly material has made Ohio’s higher ed library system the envy of academics across the country and OhioLINK one of the most respected library consortia.

If you are looking for an article or book, chances are that you can get it through OhioLINK. OhioLINK cost-effectively acquires and maintains shared electronic library resources for its members--more than 37 million digital journal articles, more than 241,000 electronic books, and more than 100 databases. It also funds and manages Ohio’s inter-library loan program from a shared catalog of 38 million books and printed items.

In 2022, OhioLINK negotiated three transformative agreements with Wiley, Cambridge University Press, and the Institute of Physics Publishers that allow authors to publish open access at no cost to the authors or additional cost to their institutions.  These agreements also expanded access for Ohio researchers to read articles in journals from these publishers. OhioLINK has created similar information pages for authors interested in publishing in Wiley journals and Cambridge journals.

Your institution’s library would be happy to provide more information about what is available to you.

What is OhioLINK's Wiley hybrid open access deal?

In addition to OhioLINK member institutions' current access to all Wiley journal titles, OhioLINK has negotiated an upgraded agreement with Wiley that offers open access publishing benefits for authors at no cost.

Starting in March 2022, students, faculty, and staff at most OhioLINK member institutions now have the ability to publish open access (OA) journal articles in 1,300+ hybrid journals published by Wiley at no additional cost to either the author or the institution.

Fully open access journals are not eligible for the open access publishing benefits under this deal.

What is Open Access? What does hybrid mean?

Open Access (OA) is a way to publish that makes content freely available with no subscription or access fees.  Open access often also includes licensing the work to allow for reuse. In order to make articles open, publishers are compensated for their editorial services through an Article Publication Charge (APC), which varies by journal title. OhioLINK's agreement with Wiley gives member authors and institutions the open access option without paying any additional fees.

OhioLINK's open access deal with Wiley applies only to articles published in their 1,300+ hybrid open access journals. "Hybrid" means that the journal publishes articles that are available both by subscription and through open access.

Fully OA journals refer to those that only allow authors to publish articles as open access.  Fully OA journals are not eligible for the publishing benefits under this deal.

For more information about open access:

Who is eligible to publish open access?

In order to be eligible to publish open access at no cost in a Wiley hybrid journal under this deal, the corresponding author of the article (see below for definition) must be affiliated with an institution that subscribes to OhioLINK’s Electronic Journal Center (EJC), a full text searchable database of electronic journal articles from top scholarly publishers. Wiley's institutional funding tool allows authors to determine if they are eligible for open access funding through an institutional deal with Wiley.

What is a corresponding author? How is their affiliation identified?

The corresponding author is the person who handles the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process.  Corresponding authors identify their institutional affiliation when they submit their article for publication.  Providing an institutional email address is helpful for confirming institution affiliation.

When can I publish open access articles in Wiley hybrid journals?

Access to the publishing benefits begins March 1, 2022 and continues through December 31, 2023.  This means that to publish an article as open access in a Wiley hybrid journal without paying any Article Publication Charge (APC), the article must be accepted for publication during this period.

What kind of articles are eligible for open access publishing under this deal?

Original research and review articles are eligible for open access publishing in any of Wiley's 1,300+ hybrid open access journals under this deal. Articles published in Wiley's fully gold open access journals are not eligible.

    How does an author choose to publish an article as open access?

    When a corresponding author's article has been approved for publication in a Wiley hybrid open access journal, they are offered the option to publish their article as open access.  You can find more details in Wiley's PDF document of the author workflow.

    Is there a limit to how many articles can be published as open access?

    There is an annual limit to the number of articles to be published as open access under this agreement across all of OhioLINK member institutions, based on historical publishing trends. Should the article limit be reached, authors will no longer see the option to request to publish their article as open access under this deal. There is a 10% discount off the list price Article Publication Charge (APC) should an author choose to publish their article as open access in a hybrid journal after the limit has been reached.  See Wiley's hybrid open access page for information about list price APCs in hybrid journals.

    What information and training are available for faculty and authors?

    Wiley offers additional resources for authors interested in publishing their articles open access on their web site:

    OhioLINK has also created resources for this and other open access agreements it offers:

    Where can I go with questions?

    Your library is the best resource to answer questions about hybrid open access publishing with Wiley. Find your library's contact information here

    Wiley also has a contact email for authors who have questions about open access: cs-author@wiley.com

    For more information about open access publishing opportunities available through OhioLINK, see OhioLINK's web pages about open access publishing with IOP and Cambridge University Press.

    Updated March 20, 2023