Non-Book Lending - Introduction

This getting started checklist was developed by the OhioLINK Inter-Campus Services Committee to help libraries
 that are preparing to implement circulation of non-book materials through PCIRC. It is divided into three parts:
System Set-Up, Operational Checklist for Testing, and Checklist for going “live.”

Set-up for non-book lending requires careful attention to detail at the local level.  By adding an additional level
of complexity to an already complicated system, local institutions must pay special attention to identifying,
defining, and coding materials for circulation. If the PCIRC supervisor does not have the authority to Alter
System Parameters, he or she will need to work closely with their Lead Implementor to get the system set-up
completed. It is important, however, that the PCIRC supervisor understand how the system works so that problems
can be solved locally whenever possible.

ICS has recommended that libraries set-up in a test mode first, and then move into a “Live” environment. This is the same model used by local institutions when they start circulating books through PCIRC.

Created: 3/25/1999
Rev. 4/05/99, 6/21/99