OhioLINK eTutoring criteria for assignments submitted for review

OhioLINK eTutoring will review up to 5 pages of assignments that meet the following criteria:

  1. Assignment must be assigned by an instructor for a grade in an undergraduate course that the student is currently enrolled in (excluding resumes and cover letters which are best reviewed by career services specialists as well as brochures, etc. that go beyond content review and require layout expertise).
  2. The assignment must include the instructor’s assignment guidelines at the time the assignment is submitted.  

Additional helpful information – OhioLINK writing eTutors review up to 5 pages of a submitted assignment at a time using a protocol that focuses on written encouragement and suggestions on improving written work.  Each assignment may be reviewed up to 3 times and assignments that are resubmitted must reflect revisions from feedback given in a previous review.  By default, the first 5 pages of the assignment will be reviewed with each submission regardless of the length of the assignment submitted.  However, students are welcome to specify up to 5 different pages to be reviewed when resubmitting an assignment to have up to 15 pages of an assignment reviewed over the 3 submissions.  OhioLINK will review all papers submitted for review that meet the criteria outlined above.  When an assignment does not meet the criteria then an eTutor will not be able to review the assignment and will return the assignment to the student with a notification that criteria has not been met.  For questions related to assignments submitted with the aid of AI, please review OhioLINK’s AI policy.