eTutoring Subjects and Schedules

(Synchronous) drop-in eTutoring

Spring 2024 OhioLINK drop-in eTutoring subjects and schedules handout (.pdf) (opens in new window)

(Asynchronous) writing assignment review

Students may submit assignments for review anytime during the semester and assignments are typically reviewed within two business days (excluding weekends and national holidays). Note that assignment turnaround time may take longer during periods of higher volume or when eTutor availability is limited and therefore we recommend submitting your assignments for review as soon as possible. The final deadline to submit assignments for review is two days before the end of each OhioLINK eTutoring semester.


eTutoring Semester Dates

summer 2024 (5/28/24-8/2/24)

fall 2024 (8/27/24-12/6/24)

spring 2025 (1/21/25 - 5/2/25)

summer 2025 (5/27/25-8/1/25)