Courtesy Card Holders

The OhioLINK consortium recognizes that courtesy borrowers are a small but important

segment of the OhioLINK community. To provide basic services to this segment of our

community, LAC re-affirms its stated policy regarding the availability of OhioLINK PCirc privileges

in limited quantities (see Policy E-7, Patron Block Tables). Each institution will determine if some

or all of their courtesy card users will be granted PCirc privileges. Once a courtesy card patron

has an account, direct-borrowing processes and privileges should come into play.


The spirit of the policy is to include as many classes of courtesy card borrowers as is feasible.

While providing for local determination of courtesy-card-holder eligibility and costs, it is not the

intent of this policy for institutions to simply make a blanket exclusion of PCirc privileges for

their courtesy card holders.


On-Site Borrowing for Courtesy Card holders:

OhioLINK libraries will provide on-site borrowing privileges at agreed to levels (see Policy E-7,

Patron Block Tables) using the established direct-borrow processes. As with established

processes, any patron using direct-borrow must be in good standing at their home library.


Research database access to courtesy card holders and other community users:

Research databases will not be actively promoted as a resource to the general Ohio population.

Any access to OhioLINK research databases must comply with current licensing agreements as

required by contract.


Off-campus access will be limited to current students, faculty, and staff only.


Institutions are encouraged to provide courtesy card holders use of public access workstations

when possible and when such usage does not conflict with the institution’s networking or IT

security policies.


Original Policy Written 3/23/1995, Revised 9/10/10