Non-Book Lending - Operational Checklist

_____ 1 . Order shipping containers from OhioLINK.

                 Three sizes of containers are available:

                 · Small size with foam inserts. These are to be used with CDs or microforms.

                 · Medium size. These are to be used with VHS video tapes, or with some audio tapes.

                 · Large size. These are to be used for double video tape boxes, or other large formats.

                 If out-going materials will not fit into one of the above mentioned containers, use boxes, bubble wrap
                 or jiffy bags to ship materials.

_____ 2. Create list of requestable items for testing.
                Create a list of requestable items for use during testing. This list should be shared with other testers,
                who will in turn share their
lists with you. Items on this list should be requested during the testing
                phase to make sure that your local system is set-up properly.

_____ 3. Bands for out-going materials.
                Be sure to band out-going materials either with standard OhioLINK bands or with the smaller post-it
                sized bands; the latter bands will
be sent by OhioLINK with shipping containers.

_____ 4. Begin Testing.
                Testing using a patron record with a PTYPE of 210 may begin at any time. Be sure to test all material
                types. Be sure loan rules are
functioning properly; check overdues and billing notices.