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Member Portal Release Notes

Member Portal 6.4.6 Release Notes

Release Date: April 30, 2024

MP 6.4.6 includes internal administrative features to support GO's upcoming release. For more information on GO, see the overview page.

Member Portal 6.4.3 Release Notes

Release Date: June 2, 2023

MP 6.4.3 makes the Music Center usage statistics under the "Other Stats" pages. These statistics cover July 13, 2022 - present. The statistics are not COUNTER compliant, they reflect the number of streams per institution and for the whole consortium.

PD-136  Music Center Statistics

Member Portal 6.4.2 Release Notes

Release Date: January 24, 2023

MP 6.4.2 includes several changes that are central office staff facing and the following member facing changes:

OMMP-321  A new  Subscribed Titles report for subscriptions that are not databases, e-books, or e-journals

PD-114  Archival statistics for the EBC, EJC, EAD, and manifests are available under "Other Stats." The data in these reports was migrated from the site. The is being decommissioned.

Member Portal 6.3.3 and 6.3.4 Release Notes

Both of these were minor changes related to OhioLINK central office functionality.


Release Date: 22 February 2021

MP 6.3.2 includes 2 changes related to staff only features.

Member Portal 6.3 release notes

Date: June 18, 2020

MP 6.3 includes changes mostly for OhioLINK central office functionality and a few fixes.

Member view changes:

OMMP-367   fix: The words "Member Portal" don't display in the header anymore
OMMP-396    fix: online publication date showing up as print publication date
OMMP-342   Package Report display total number of results
OMMP-379    change institutional affiliated with user on Home page

Office staff changes:

OMMP-377    add more Representative Type values 
OMMP-386    fix: error in "current contracts" canned report on Contract page
OMMP-398    "Total Collected" does not display as OHL Staff Executive
OMMP-382    Make discontinued event type visible on EJC page
OMMP-394    Full report of all contacts in Member Portal
OMMP-340    Add Institution Note to selectable columns 
OMMP-372    need Help on additional pages
OMMP-401    Remove Journal Event Journal functionality
OMMP-272    reminders for policy team rep term expiration
OOMMP-388    Add help button to gap report and load report pages
OMMP-289    error messaging causes problems when an invalid IP is entered
OMMP-390    Remove notes field on pg_881
OMMP-349    EJC issue metadata editing enhancements
OMMP-233    reports of EJC titles by vendor
OMMP-116    add a status field per journal in EJC admin
OMMP-399    add number of articles report
OMMP-187    add new journal event type
OMMP-389    changes and new DWC Help for EJC pages
OMMP-381    add rave URL to the "journal" section of Journals page

Member Portal 6.2.2 Release Notes

Date: October 23, 2019

MMP 6.2.2 is a minor release to fix a small UI issue on the Team Member details page and deprecate some back end functionality.

Member Portal 6.2.1 Release Notes

Date: October 16, 2019

MMP 6.2.1 is a minor release 

[OMMP-347] - EJC Gap Report (central office staff use)
[OMMP-348] - EJC Load Report (central office staff use)
[OMMP-355] - change method for implementing user profiles
[OMMP-361] - change theme (UI)
[OMMP-362] - Too much whitespace on pages with little content
[OMMP-363] - make the page numbering bold
[OMMP-365] - change text on "EJC" tab from "EJC" to "EJC Stats"

Member Portal 6.2 Release Notes

Date: September 5, 2019

MMP 6.2 focuses primarily on changes to member facing reports

[OMMP-284] - pg_940 package analysis -- remove downloadable format
[OMMP-295] - COUNTER 5 reports should display Location Name
[OMMP-351] - add Core Type to the Package Report
[OMMP-286] - rename "Roster Affiliation" modal to "Team Affiliation"
[OMMP-297] - remove dashes from report downloads
[OMMP-298] - remove "all" option from Rows Per Page on some reports
[OMMP-299] - different wysiwyg editor for Dynamic Web Content
[OMMP-301] - provide option to disallow institutions from having IPs and subscriptions associated with them
[OMMP-302] - Everywhere that the new perpetual_access field shows up, name the column header “Perpetual Access Detail”
[OMMP-303] - Add a new report called “Current Contracts” that users can select from a dropdown to pg_340
[OMMP-305] - Changes to Contract Analysis (default) Report pg_390
[OMMP-306] - Add new primary report called “Current e-journal details” to pg_390
[OMMP-307] - Add new primary report called “Current ebook details” to pg_390
[OMMP-308] - Add new primary report called “Current database details” to pg_390
[OMMP-309] - Add new primary report called “Current FY other services” to pg_390
[OMMP-310] - Changes to Package  Analysis Report pg_940
[OMMP-311] - Add new primary report called “Current Packages Financial Details” on pg_940
[OMMP-312] - Add new primary report called “Contract Status for Current Packages” on pg_940
[OMMP-313] - Changes Subscription Analysis by Package Report pg_350
[OMMP-314] - Add new primary report called “Current FY Package Costs” on pg_350
[OMMP-315] - Add new primary report called “Current Packages Financial Detail” on pg_350
[OMMP-316] - Add new primary report called “Current Packages Contract Detail” on pg_350
[OMMP-317] - Changes Subscription Analysis by Publication Report pg_351
[OMMP-318] - Add new primary report called “Current e-journal title list” on pg_351
[OMMP-319] - Add new primary report called “Current e-book title list” on pg_351
[OMMP-320] - Add new primary report called “Current database title list” on pg_351
[OMMP-322] - add notes and internal notes as selectable columns on pg_820
[OMMP-325] - institution type=campus can be listed in the A-Z list
[OMMP-326] - need third option for EJC Participant toggle
[OMMP-345] - limit rows returned on pages 390, 940, 350, 351 to 10

Bug Fixes

[OMMP-290] - member roles related to a child institution result in incorrect data in Student FTE report
[OMMP-291] - member user roles associated with a child institution see incorrect data in IP report
[OMMP-293] - colon in publication name and package name causes oracle error

Member Portal 6.1 Release Notes

Date: June 26, 2019

MMP 6.1 includes several changes that were identified during the CIRM Project Team beta test.

    OMMP-133 - update Carnegie Classifications 
    OMMP-198 - change pencil icon 
    OMMP-215 - add fields to Rosters and Rosters Analysis
    OMMP-236 - EJC Participants List needs Parent Institution Name added
    OMMP-237 - remove Subscription as an option from Action menu in all reports
    OMMP-240 - changes to "Save Changes" button and navigation
    OMMP-241 - hide email and HTML report download options
    OMMP-243 - add sum of OhioLINK cap + OhioLINK op + member subscription amounts
    OMMP-246 - negotiated percent increase can be negative
    OMMP-252 - make publication upload from tab-delimited text files
    OMMP-254 - roster affiliation(s) show up in Contact display on Institution page
    OMMP-258 - rename "Total Cost" to "Total Contract Cost"
    OMMP-259 - add page descriptions to member facing pages
    OMMP-261 - add 2 locally-defined fields to KBART Publications
    OMMP-262 - default sort Rosters alpha by institution
    OMMP-264 - rename Rosters and Rostern Analysis pages
    OMMP-268 - on login page -- need Forgot Password info
    OMMP-270 - IP report changes
    OMMP-273 - add more publication fields to Contract Analysis
    OMMP-274 - active/inactive status for journal titles
    OMMP-275 - add the journal rave URL to Journal report
    OMMP-277 - need to edit Contact from Roster screen
Bug Fixes 
    OMMP-248 - COUNTER 5_PR and TR reports formatting problem

Member Portal 6.0.1 Release Notes

Date: March 12, 2019

MMP 6.0.1 is a major release that  includes an integration with the OStaff LDAP service and creation of user profiles that will enable OhioLINK members to access their institution information on the MMP using their Ostaff login. OhioLINK central office staff user profiles are also included in the release.

OMMP-115 - Role-based Access Control
OMMP-186 - A profile can be associated with one or more institutions
OMMP-109 - Remove dash from publications download
OMMP-111 - Add default filter on EJC participants
OMMP-140 - Need last login date/time for all users
OMMP-147 - Add selectable columns to institution page 
OMMP-158 - Make address, city, state, and zipcode not mandatory
OMMP-159 - Default institution state to Ohio
OMMP-164 - Changes to IP range report
OMMP-168 - Restrict dates that users can select for COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5
OMMP-175 - Display the legacy institution id and abbreviation on inst details page
OMMP-177 - Fix EJC participants list selectable column text
OMMP-183 - As an Institution User, only see data relating to my institution
OMMP-184 - As a user with read-only access to a page, I should have the necessary rights to perform actions to a dependent page that I have write access to
OMMP-154 - Package Analysis CSV download has link code and not text in it
OMMP-181 - Update Administrative Name vs. Location Name and labels

Member Portal 5.2.3 Release Notes

Date: February 26, 2019

This release includes changes related to database optimization for COUNTER reports. With the release, users will be prevented from running COUNTER 5 reports for dates prior to 2019. 

Member Portal 5.2 Release Notes 

Date: December 27, 2018

This release includes the implementation of COUNTER 5 usage statistics. OhioLINK members may log in to the Member Portal(link sends e-mail) using their Ostaff account to view EJC usage statistics.

Details about the EJC COUNTER 5 implementation

COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice (COUNTER 5), the usage statistics standard from the COUNTER organization, was implemented in the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center (EJC) on December 27, 2018. To learn more about COUNTER 5, please see sends e-mail).

The COUNTER organization mandated compliance from all vendors and publishers by January 2019. OhioLINK implemented COUNTER 5 for the EJC in order to ensure uniformity and consistency of the usage data its members and the central office collect.

Note that previous data in the COUNTER 4 standard is still available.

OhioLINK has followed rigorous testing procedures to ensure the statistics it provides meet the COUNTER 5 standard. An independent organization has not audited the OhioLINK EJC COUNTER 5 implementation as is required to receive the COUNTER seal of approval.

The COUNTER 5 reports that are available to download for the EJC are:

  • PR - Platform Master Report
  • PR_P1 - Platform Usage Report
  • TR - Title Master Report
  • TR_J1 - Journal Requests (excluding OA_Gold)
  • TR_J3 - Journal Usage by Access Type
  • TR_J4 - Journal Requests by YOP (Excluding Gold OA)

In addition, there are two custom consortial reports:

  1. Consortium Report – total number of item requests for all EJC participants
  2. Link Clicks Report – tracks clicks on DOI and Publisher site links from the EJC for all EJC participants

Data Elements Definitions 


A click on the EJC PDF full text of an article


  • A click on the search icon from the general search box
  • A click on the search icon from the Advanced Search page
  • A click on the “Go” button to refine search results


  • Same as Searches_Regular


  • A click on an article title to view an article’s metadata page
  • A download of an article citation
  • An email of an article citation
  • An export of an article citation
  • A click on the PDF full text link to the article in the EJC
  • A click on the DOI link to the article
  • A click on the Publisher site link to the article