Reporting IP Problems

New or Changed IP Numbers

Requests for new or changed IP addresses to be added for access to the databases:

  • Must be submitted by the local Lead Implementor or Library Director
  • Double-check and confirm; it is crucial that the IPs submitted be correct
  • E-mail additions and corrections to

Things to know about this process:

  • For databases that OhioLINK supports locally, new or changed IPs are usually in place within 2-4 days
  • Off-site databases can take much longer, as long as four weeks or even more
  • Give us as early notification as possible. Four weeks is desirable
  • IPs cannot be completely in place with less than four weeks notice

After four weeks, please test your access using the new IPs and let us know if you do not yet have access. Vendors rarely let us know that they have added IPs, so there is no way of informing you. We depend on you to let us know. After four weeks, if you still don't have access to a particular database, then send a report using the form to

Final Note: Please keep in mind that the installation of a Firewall (or changes to a firewall) can mimic IP access problems. If you suddenly lose access to most of the OhioLINK databases, please check with your local networking folks to see if the installation or changes to a firewall have occurred. More information about OhioLINK firewall requirements can be found here.