OhioLINK Librarians Volunteer, Teach YWSI Participants Digital Research Tools

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jul 23, 2015) — 

Editor’s note: INFOhio wrote the original version of this article

Librarians from Miami University and the University of Cincinnati, with support from INFOhio and OhioLINK, are providing the participants of the Young Women's Summer Institute (YWSI) with hands-on instruction in using digital library information resources and presenting their research. Students will use INFOhio's ISearch to find STEM materials at appropriate reading levels that are relevant to their research. Participants will also learn about data management and website creation as they prepare for their presentations.

pres3.jpgYWSI, which is sponsored by the the Ohio Supercomputer Center, is a week-long program (July 19-25, 2015) for middle school girls in Ohio. YWSI helps girls develop an interest in science, math, technology, and engineering and introduces them to exciting careers and job opportunities in these fields by allowing them to work on a practical, interesting scientific problem using the latest computer technology.

The Ohio Super Computer Center (OSC), OhioLINK, OARnet, and eStudent Services are members of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s (OHDE) Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH). As the technology arm of ODHE, the consortium delivers world-class technologies, information and expertise to provide Ohioans with a strong foundation for education and workforce, scientific research and business innovation. For more information, visit: www.oh-tech.org.


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