Terra State Community College's Affordable Learning Initiatives

Terra State Community CollegeCreation of an OER Task Force

The Terra State OER Task Force is currently preparing a status/request report (which is in the draft development stages) to present to the administration for review, recommendations and approval.  Terra State’s contract with Follett College Bookstores and Campus Stores is scheduled for renewal in 2019.  The status/request report will identify viable alternatives (including OERs) for comparative analysis and also include contract negotiation talking points that examine existing procedures for alternative textbook printing/duplication and other textbook management elements that can highlight future ways for Follett and Terra State to partner in the delivery of OER and alternative textbook content if the contract is, indeed, renewed.

Additional Affordable Learning Initiatives

  • Creation: Terra State is proud to announce that faculty member, Peter Landino, has been selected as an inaugural member of the First and Second Year Writing content team as part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s OER Innovation Grant. He will join other faculty content leaders in his content area (English / Composition) in the creation and eventual adoption of OER content for the Writing courses. For more information on the ODHE OER Grant, please click here.
  • Adoption: The Terra State Community College OER Task Force is currently developing recommendations for OER adoption targets to be presented for review at an upcoming meeting of the Terra State Council for Student and Academic Affairs (CASA). This document, once approved for use by CASA members, will be used to guide Terra State in the OER adoption and OER management process.  Furthermore, the document will give Terra State decision makers OER guidelines and best practices information that can be used in allocating existing and future resources (human, financial, curriculum development) as they relate to the successful adoption and use of OERs in Terra State curriculum.
  • Advocacy: Terra State Community College is planning to host an OER Awareness event during the Spring 2018 semester that highlights participation in campus/statewide OER initiatives, explains basic OER principles, and encourages course providers and stakeholders to consider OER assessment, utilization, and adoption where deemed appropriate.
Contact Information:

Paul Passalacqua – Terra State OER Task Force co-chair - ppassalacqua01@terra.edu
Jill Caton – Terra State OER Task Force co-chair - jcaton01@terra.edu
Tom Adamich – Terra State OER Task Force library representative – tadamic01@terra.edu