ETD Center Change to Email Notifications

In the 2021 ETD Center updates, some  system-generated email messages were changed to institutional email addresses. They were initially set to the current local ETD Administrator’s email addresses within the system and then in a consecutive release made customizable. The local ETD Administrator can edit the Submission Site(s) to set the “From” email address. Some institutions are using departmental or ETD specific email addresses.

System-generated emails were previously sent from a system mailbox and contain “do not reply” wording but occasionally submitters responded anyway to this mailbox, so OhioLINK manually monitored the mailbox and forwarded those messages to the appropriate ETD Administrator. The change was made to ensure that any replies go directly to the local institution, preventing any delay or missed messages from the previously manual process.

OhioLINK and the developers have addressed some problems caused by this changed, though there are a few issues that remain.

Problem: The message is tagged as potential spam by your email provider
Solution: In the email application, you will need to confirm that it is NOT spam. This may be enough for your email system to allow all messages to be delivered but if messages continue to be tagged as potential spam, you may need to set up an email rule.

Problem: The ETD Administrator is not seeing the “published” messages in their Inbox.
Solution: Your email system is likely routing the messages to a spam or junk folder. Your institution might have DMARC enabled, so you will need to follow up with your local IT about receiving them. At this time, there is not a simple fix to keep the custom “From” email addresses and avoid the emails being marked as spam for this type of local set-up. 


Last Updated: July 18, 2023