ETD Center Change to Email Notifications

The August 2, 2021 ETD Center update included a change to system-generated email messages. Previously, system-generated email notifications about ETDs were sent from an ETD Center system mailbox. Occasionally submitters would respond to this mailbox, so OhioLINK manually monitored the mailbox and forwarded those messages to the appropriate ETD Administrator.

In the new release, these system-generated messages are sent as if they are from the ETD Administrator’s email address. We made this change to avoid causing delays or missed messages from the previously manual process.

Unfortunately, this change has caused some problems and confusion for several ETD Administrators. In response, OhioLINK is aware of this problem and is currently working to schedule development that will allow ETD Administrators to choose to have these emails sent from an alternate email address.  The timing for this change has not yet been determined. 

In the meantime, depending on your set up, you may need to make some changes to your email settings to make sure these messages are handled correctly. Below you will find a list of reported problems and solutions to them.

We will update this page as new problems are reported.

Problem: The message is tagged as potential spam by your email provider
Solution: In the email application, you will need to confirm that it is NOT spam. This may be enough for your email system to allow all messages to be delivered but if messages continue to be tagged as potential spam, you may need to set up an email rule.

Problem: One or more of the email recipients is a mailing list (for example, your settings in ETD Admin may send the published message to a library mailing list) and you see notifications from the list that the message cannot be sent.
Solution:  There are a few ways to alleviate this problem. 1)  subscribe to the mailing list; or 2) reach out to the list owner and ask them to switch to a  non-mailing list email address address to use for notifications; or 3) let the list owner know that this is happening so they can make the appropriate changes to the list setup or manually monitor discarded messages.

Problem: Students are emailing your personal email account because they have your email address.
Solution: This is more difficult to resolve. We have included language in the email message that asks recipients NOT to reply to the message directly. You may want to consider creating mail system rules that handle this type of message. 

Problem: The ETD Administrator is not seeing the “published” messages in their Inbox.
Solution: Your email system is likely routing the messages to a spam or junk folder. You can set up a rule to have the messages sent to your Inbox or another folder of your choice. 

Last Updated: August 10, 2021