Inclement Weather Policy

If a winter storm or other inclement weather strikes a significant portion of the state, a scheduled meeting in Columbus may be canceled. This may also happen if inclement weather hits a location where we have a training session scheduled.

To find out if your meeting is canceled follow these guidelines and instructions:

  • The chair of the committee/group or the contact at the local training site will consult with the OhioLINK staff liaison/contact the day before the meeting. These two parties should make arrangements to consult as necessary at work or home as weather reports are updated.
  • If the meeting is canceled, the decision will be posted no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of the meeting. Typically, we are able to post cancellations the night before or by 6:30am, but 7:00 a.m. remains the absolute deadline. If no message has been posted by that time the meeting is on.
  • Cancellations will be announced by e-mail to the appropriate lists, and posted to our Facebook account and Twitter feed. Generally, we will post to the OhioLINK list and to the list of the group in question.