English (Specialization in Professional Writing and Rhetoric)

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Degree Level or Certificate Type: Graduate
CIP Category: (23.1303)

This fully online MA in English with a specialization in Professional Writing and Rhetoric is designed to attract students who wish to pursue writing careers as free-lance professional/technical writers, those who want to work in business and industry, and those who plan to teach professional writing and rhetoric at two-year colleges.

This program is geared to meet the needs of non-resident populations and offers breadth of training for careers in a variety of professional and technical writing settings. Please see the English Department's MA in English specialization in Professional Writing and Rhetoric page for more information.

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Program Contact:: Dr. Bill Albertini
Program Department:: English
Program Contact Phone: 419.372.7542
Address: Bowling Green
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Institutional Contact: Paul Cesarini - Phone: 419-372-3226 - Email: ecampus@bgsu.edu