OhioLINK Bag Statistics - Online Manifest System

  • Please use the Bag Statistics Form (Excel spreadsheet) on a daily basis to write down your outgoing number of bags that shows which OhioLINK location(s) you sent the bag(s) to on a given date. This Bag Statistics Form is a recording tool so you can then enter your bags stats online. (This Excel file includes 2 worksheets: one sorted alphabetically as well as one numerically.)
  • Write down your bag info on that form as you pack your items up throughout the day. Once your driver has picked up, please use this written record to then enter the bag stats online following the Data Entry Instructions below.
  • Be aware that you are logging in as YOUR location – NOT AS ANOTHER LOCATION.
  • As soon as you login to the system make sure that the date is correct on the date page for the set of stats you are about to enter. (The system defaults to what ever the current day's date is.  You would want to change the date if entering stats for a previous date.)
  • You should ONLY enter other 3-digit numeric OhioLINK location codes as your destination locations — this site is not for reporting any of the Non-OhioLINK Priority Dispatch shipments that you might have had going out to Non-OhioLINK destinations.
  • If you do not have anything going out to an OhioLINK location on a given day then you have NOTHING to enter for that date.
  • And of course, remember to follow these data entry instructions when entering your data:



Logging In

1. Go to: http://manifest.ohiolink.edu/mdc/login

2. In the LOCATION CODE box enter YOUR location's 3-digit code and then in the PASSWORD box enter YOUR assigned password. (To discover what your password is, click on the "Forgot Password?" link to the right.) Then click the Sign In button to gain access to the site.

3. On the date page, 1) verify that the Date is correct for the data you are about to enter. It should match the date of when the shipments you are about to enter went out. The site defaults to what the current day's date is. Once you have made sure the correct date is showing in the date fields then, 2) click the Proceed to Data Entry Page button.


Entering the Data

4. On this next page in the Location Code box, enter your first 3-digit code for the location you sent bags TO. (THEIR 3-digit number — NOT yours.) This 3-digit number is located to the left of the institution name on the OhioLINK Bag Stats Form Excel file). Only enter the 3-digit location code of that destination if you sent bags to that location for the date indicated.

5. After entering a valid 3-digit number, your cursor will automatically move to the # of Bags: box. In this box, Enter the number of bags that went to that location on that date. This is what you have recorded in your "# of Bags" box on your Bags Stats Form (your written record).

6. Click the Add Next Entry >> button to the right.

7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until you have entered all your destinations & their corresponding bag count data that you had for that particular date.


Completing Your On-line Data Entry

8. When you have entered the data for the last of your destinations for that date, click on the Go Review Your Entries button. You will then go to the CONFIRM YOUR DATA BELOW page that shows a list of what you have entered: A left column that shows the 3-digit codes of your destination locations along with a corresponding right column that shows the respective number of bags that went to each of the locations.

9. IMPORTANT: Check the data on this page against your written record. Please review and modify your data if needed. You may edit a location's 3-digit code, the # of bags for a location, or delete the entry altogether if needed (to delete, click the entry's Delete this entry button to the right). The totals at the bottom will change accordingly as you make your changes. This page is where you may make your corrections prior to official submission so please double check your data that is listed. (If you would ever like to start over at this point, prior to submitting your data, all you need to do is close out of your web browser completely, DO NOT CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON and no data will get sent in. Then just relaunch your web browser and try again from the start.) The Submit button is what sends in the data.

10. Once you have made any necessary corrections to your listed data as described in step 9, and verified that it is all correct, then you may click on the SUBMIT button to officially send in your data.

11a. If you realize that you simply have additional stats to add for that date, or any other date, click on the BACK TO DATA ENTRY button. (This will take you back to the date page [Step 3]. Edit the date accordingly if needed, and proceed.)

11b. Otherwise, if you have no more data to enter at this time, click on the LOGOUT button.




Statistics page: http://manifest.ohiolink.edu/mdc/index.html

You can go to the above statistics page to look up your bag & destination stats that you have officially submitted to us.  If you notice that you submitted incorrect data please contact support@ohiolink.edu to get the data corrected. Here are instructions for looking up your submitted statistics for a single particular date:

1. Highlight your location in the "Limit by Source Institution" field.  Leave the "Limit by Destination Institution" field on "[All OhioLINK Members]."

2. Enter the date of the day you want to look up in the "Begin" text field. Enter the date in the format of yyyy-mm-dd (for example, 2003-03-25 is what you would enter for looking up March, 25th 2003). The "End" text field should be left untouched if you are looking up just one date in particular. (If you ever want to look up a range of multiple dates, please enter the last date of the date range in the "End" field.)

3. First, click on the "Show Stats" button for the TOTAL STATISTICS REPORT-- This will give you a grand total of your destinations and a grand total of your bags for that date.

4. Then, click on the "Statistics by Institution" link for the STATISTICS BY INSTITUTIONS page-- This will show your location listed as the Source site, the date of the shipment, your service type (A1 [daily] or A2 [on-call]), and the grand totals are also listed again.

5. Finally, click on the "Delivery Details" link for the DELIVERY DETAILS REPORT-- This is the page you'll want to look at and compare to your written record to see if everything was entered correctly.  This page will show you a line by line breakdown of all the destinations you entered for that date as well as the number of bags that went to each of those destinations.  THIS IS THE SPECIFIC DATA YOU ENTERED AND THEN SUBMITTED WHEN YOU CLICKED "SUBMIT".

Remember, your own site is considered the Source.  The places you send your bags to are considered the Destinations.