OhioLINK Meetings and Communications Code of Conduct

  1. OhioLINK members agree to behave in a collegial and professional fashion when engaged in Consortium Activities. Behavior such as "flaming" on discussion forums or overbearing attitudes on mailing lists and in meetings is considered inappropriate and unprofessional.

  2. OhioLINK members appointed to serve as OhioLINK Committee Chairs or Co-Chairs are expected to actively conduct the business of their committees in a fair and impartial fashion.

  3. OhioLINK Committee and Team work is expected to be managed as a formal work assignment, not as “extra” or “as time allows” or “volunteer” work. Member institutions should support OhioLINK assignments and adjust work assignments as appropriate.

  4. OhioLINK Committee members are expected to actively participate in meetings and discussions as follows:

    1. Insofar as possible, be punctual and plan to stay for the entire meeting.

    2. Respect time limits for agenda items.

    3. Be courteous, listen attentively, and be respectful of other points of view.

    4. Participate fully in the group exchange, and do not engage in sideline conversations, cross talk, or distracting behaviors.

    5. Be flexible and open to change and new ideas.

    6. Stay on task and avoid diverting attention to other unrelated topics.

    7. Assume positive intentions by others, giving them the benefit of doubt.

    8. Be solution-focused, seeing opportunities, challenges, and possibilities without dwelling on past slights, roadblocks or excuses.

  5. While OhioLINK Committee members bring their own institution’s perspective, needs, and priorities to meetings and discussions, OhioLINK decisions are based on what is best for the entire collective and the majority of participating libraries, not on personal or individual institutional agendas. Committee Members are expected to be able to discuss and evaluate proposals and actions from both the points of view.

  6. Meeting materials distributed and discussed at OhioLINK Committee meetings often reflect work in progress, negotiations in progress, and drafts of announcements, papers, questionnaires, etc. As such, Committee members should use caution and discretion when communicating or distributing information based on them. Please contact the OhioLINK Central Office if you need updated or final information for presentations and communications.

Violations of the Code of Conduct on the part of an individual may ultimately result in the individual being asked to leave a meeting and/or be suspended from some or all Consortium activities; or the Member being asked to remove the individual from further involvement in OhioLINK activities.

Passed by LAC July 2018