OhioLINK Web Reports

To provide easier access to OhioLINK PCIRC statistics, on this page you will find downloaded files for both PCIRC requests and fulfillments covering a variety of timeframes.

If you need PCIRC fulfillment or request reports covering time spans different from the ones below, please email support@ohiolink.edu with the type of report you need along with the start and end months you would like included. 

PCIRC statistics by month
Month / Year Fulfillments Requests
May 2022 OhioLINK_2022_05_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2022_05_Requests
April 2022 OhioLINK_2022_04_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2022_04_Requests
March 2022 OhioLINK_2022_03_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2022_03_Requests
February 2022 OhioLINK_2022_02_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2022_02_Requests
January 2022 OhioLINK_2022_01_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2022_01_Requests
December 2021 OhioLINK_2021_12_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_12_Requests
November 2021 OhioLINK_2021_11_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_11_Requests
October 2021 OhioLINK_2021_10_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_10_Requests
September 2021 OhioLINK_2021_09_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_09_Requests
August 2021 OhioLINK_2021_08_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_08_Requests
July 2021 OhioLINK_2021_07_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_07_Requests
June 2021 OhioLINK_2021_06_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_06_Requests
May 2021 OhioLINK_2021_05_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_05_Requests
April 2021 OhioLINK_2021_04_Fulfillments OhioLINK_2021_04_Requests

PCIRC statistics for the most recent fiscal years.

Fiscal Year Fulfillments Requests
FY 2020-2021 FY2020-21_Fulfillments FY2020-21_Requests
FY 2019-2020 FY2019-20_Fulfillments FY2019-20_Requests
FY 2018-2019 FY2018-19_Fulfillments FY2018-19_Requests
FY 2017-2018 FY2017-18_Fulfillments FY2017-18_Requests
PCIRC statistics for the most recent calendar years.
Calendar Year Fulfillments Requests
CY 2021 OL_CY2021_Fulfillments OL_CY2021_Requests
CY 2020 OL_CY2020_Fulfillments OL_CY2020_Requests
CY 2019 OL_CY2019_Fulfillments OL_CY2019_Requests
CY 2018 OL_CY2018_Fulfillments OL_CY2018_Requests