PCIRC Bands and Labels

For Books:

  • Regular PCIRC Bookband (Do not print on bright green paper):
      PDF | Word
  • Pickup Anywhere PCIRC Bookband (print on bright GREEN paper) :
      PDF | Word

For non-book media (CDs, VHS, DVDs, etc.):

  • Post-it-note-band stickers:

bluesticker.GIF   greensticker.GIF
(Request these from supplies@ohiolink.edu along with all other PCIRC supplies)

For any type of item (removable labels):

Periodic bulk purchases of brand name Avery 6464 labels are made through OHIONET for competitive pricing. Order deadlines are announced via the PCIRC list. These removable labels are an alternative to the two options above. When ordered, OHIONET will bill you for your amount requested. Orders are placed here: