Tip of the Week - #004a (Cancel holds with no re-request)

Keywords: holds, canceling requests


Though it is preferred that you almost always cancel your PCIRC items with re-request so that the request gets routed to another institution to be filled, there are instances where canceling, with no re-request, is appropriate.

  • When it is known that no further requests are needed; that is, the patron no longer needs the material.
  • When you are FILLING the request with a non-returnable item, e.g. a copy of a microfiche or a photocopy of a very small document (a couple of pages). In this case, you are actually filling the request, but you are not 'checking' the item out. You may want to wait a couple of days to cancel the request so that user gets the item before his request disappears off the screen (and he just requests it again!).