Tip of the Week - #005 (Inserting missing barcodes in virtual items - barcodes are essential)


When checking-out materials to OFF-CAMPUS make sure that each item has a barcode. These barcodes are a essential part of how the system works. If you fail to put a barcode in the item and it is sent to the borrowing site, they will then need to call you to have this information inserted. This causes extra work for all involved.


If you are on the receiving end and the barcode is not on the item or on the paging slip, then you will need to call the lending library contact to get this information.

If you do have a barcode in the book, but one is not on the patron record, then you can pull the barcode over from the lending library's system.

Inserting a Barcode in a Patron's INN-Reach Item

If a barcode has not been transmitted for an item that a patron has requested through INN-Reach, you must insert a barcode for the item before Millennium Circulation allows you to check in the item. To insert a barcode:

  1. View the patron's INN-Reach items in the INN-Reach tab:

    INN-Reach tab

  2. Right-click the item that needs a barcode and select the Insert Barcode option from the pop-up menu. This option is available only for items that have status REQUESTED (&) or RE- REQUESTED ( _ ) and for which the barcode element is blank. Millennium Circulation prompts you to enter a barcode.

  3. Entering or scanning a barcode checks the item in and changes its status to RECEIVED (#). If a message number is specified in the TEXT PICKUP NOTICE element of the Loan Rule, Millennium Circulation automatically prints a pickup notice.