Tip of the Week - #012 (Transfer a request to another copy)

Keywords: requests, transferring holds, re-request

When you go to the shelf to retrieve a requested item, it is important that you match the barcode to the one on the paging slip. This is the one that the system has recorded as being requested. If you can't find that item, but have a copy of the same book, then you can transfer the request from one copy to another copy so that the patron can still get the book that he needs.

This transfer process ONLY works if both copies are attached to the SAME bibliographic record. You cannot transfer requests between bibliographic records. If the item is attached to a different bibliographic record, your only recourse is to cancel the item with RE-REQUEST that sends the request on to another library to fill.

Transferring Holds from One Copy to Another

Note that you cannot transfer an item's hold queue if that item is currently on the holdshelf (i.e., the item's STATUS is '!').

To transfer holds from one queue to another:

Change to Circulation Mode Search/Holds.

Retrieve the record from your Innovative database index by title.

Choose the Summary tab.

Choose Holds in the View drop-down list.

In the item summary, select the item from which you want to transfer holds and choose the Transfer Holds button or the Transfer holds for this item option from the popup menu. Millennium prompts:

Transfer 2 Holds From i1328268 To

In the drop-down list, choose the item to which you want to transfer the item-level hold queue; then, choose the OK button. Note that you may not transfer an item's hold queue if that item is currently on the holdshelf.

If the item's STATUS is not 'm' (MISSING), Millennium asks if you want to change its status:

Change item .i1328268 status to missing?

If you choose No, Millennium does not change the STATUS of the item record. Note that if you do not mark the item missing, the request may come back to you if you are the only available lender.

If the item you selected to transfer the holds to is not checked out and does not belong to your "Locations Served" value, Millennium asks if you want to queue a paging slip for the item:

Queue paging slip for later printing? Answer YES.