Tip of the Week - #014 (Reporting "broken" records)

Keywords:  broken record, invalid virtual item, stuck record

Broken records are:

  1. Item records that won't clear after check-in
  2. Patron records with virtual information still attached after the pcirc transactions have cleared

If an item has still not cleared, then report the record to III by submitting a ticket through the III Supportal.

Please put INNReach  + site code (for example INNReach (ke2ug)) in the subject field. This will clue in the Help Desk folks at III that the ticket needs to be routed to the Resource Sharing group for resolution. Please include as much detail as possible:

  1. Item or patron record number
  2. Description of the problem

Only III folks can clear up these lonely, broken records, and get them back in action as soon as possible.