Tip of the Week - #015 (Handling items with multiple parts)

Keywords: parts, packing

Sometimes the patron orders an item that consists of more than one 'part.' An example is a book with accompanying CD. It is important that the parts do not become separated from the item and that all parts are returned with the item to the lending library.


We urge lending libraries to mark at the top of the band/sleeve a list of the parts that are being sent with the item; for example, plus CD. In some cases, the accompanying parts are not sent with the item. This is usually the case where the part is cataloged separately and/or is kept in a separate place and has a separate item record (that was not requested). In these cases, the lending library should indicate on the band that no accompanying parts have been sent. This way the borrowing library is not looking for something not sent.


At the receiving end, the borrowing library should make sure that the accompanying parts are with the item before it is checked out to the patron, and that the accompanying parts are still with the item when it is returned. We have had several cases where the accompanying parts become missing somewhere in the process. So, to insure that they get safely back home, this additional tracking is necessary.