Tip of the Week - #019 (Correct Way to Band a Book)

Keywords: labels, bookbands, lime green, post it note bands

Paper Bands

Bands should reach entirely around the cover of the book. This means you may have to add a strip of scrap paper to the ends to make it reach. If you use a piece of scrap paper to add length, make sure its wide enough to keep the band on the book.

Do NOT tape the band directly to the cover (either on the front of the cover or inside). The band may come loose or the cover may be torn in trying to remove the band. You should only add tape to the band and NOT the book.

Be careful where you place the band. Do not put a band on a cover that has a parts pocket. Also, be careful not to cover up the barcode.

Use only OhioLINK approved bands. The bands are an important means of identification and provide some assurance that the book will find its way home. Missing bands lead to missing books. Please band carefully!

Masters of the PCIRC band and the Pickup Anywhere band can be found here.

You can use these to make your own bands locally. Remember the the Pickup Anywhere band should be a special lime green color. The regular PCIRC band can be any color you want except lime green.

Post it Note Bands

These bands are printed on post it note size for both regular requests and pickup anywhere.  They are to be used for media loans where the post it note band is placed on the plastic container for the media and never on the paper box that it is packed in.  These are in stock at OhioLINK and can be ordered by emailing supplies@lists.ohiolink.edu.

Removable Labels

Some sites use removable labels that have been pre-printed locally in place of the paper bands.  These have been approved for use ONLY on materials from that site and should not be used for materials that have been borrowed unless the lending site has expressly approved it.

Masters of the removable label can be found here.