Tip of the Week - #020 (What to do with those lovely blue envelopes)

Keywords: blue envelope, packing

Part of the OhioLINK pcirc supplies are the blue Tyvek envelopes. These envelopes are to be used to send either real thin 'books' (like Government Documents), microfiche, or to send photocopied articles that were ordered through traditional ILL. The envelope protects the contents and helps to get them to their location hopefully without being torn, crumpled, and otherwise mutilated.

Note: the Tyvek envelopes are NOT to be used as a replacement for a bubble envelope.  Books should NOT be placed in the blue Tyvek envelopes unless they are so thin as to be considered a pamphlet. Books with hard or soft covers should always be placed in a bubble envelope.

Even though the envelope has a clear plastic window, there is no reason to put a US Cargo label in the window. The envelopes are intended to be put in a canvas bag. You should NOT send an envelope without a canvas bag. The chances of it not arriving at its designated location are much greater if you don't put it in a canvas bag. It is okay to put it in a canvas bag even if that is the only thing going to that location.

The envelopes are intended to be reused. If you start to get an extra large supply of them, just bag them up and send them back to OhioLINK Supplies at the State Library of Ohio (cargo location #250) for redistribution. If the envelope becomes torn or will not close anymore, than please just throw it away.

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