Tip of the Week - #022b (Use only OhioLINK Approved Book Bands)

Keywords: bookbands, labels, lime green, post it note bands

There are two standard bookbands and a post-it note band to be used on media.

The first is the regular book band with the OhioLINK logo on the front and a place to enter the due date (which is only entered at the patron's library!), and a blank box in which to put local ownership information. A master bookband is supplied by OhioLINK. You may customize the band by using a different color, but other customization besides what you put in the ownership box is frowned upon. This rule is not because we want to suppress your creativity, but to create uniformity and lessen confusion. The other standard bookband is the Pickup Anywhere band. This band is to be used specifically for items that are Pickup Anywhere (see band). They should be lime green in color (regular bands can be any color except this). Click here for more book band tips.

For media items use the post-it note 'band'. This band looks very much like a post-it note in size and function. These are meant to be used on media items with plastic cases such as videos and tapes. There are two kinds of these bands as well, one regular and one meant for Pickup Anywhere deliveries. Post-it note bands are available by emailing supplies@lists.ohiolink.edu.

Removable Labels

Avery 6464 Removable labels can be used in place of one of the bands above.   This label should ONLY be used on books at the lending library and never be used on another institution’s book at the borrowing library.  The template for printing on these labels is located here.