Tip of the Week - #026 (Checking Out Items to Visiting Patrons)

INN-Reach allows a library to check out material to patrons whose home library is a different site in the INN-Reach System. Full patron verification is performed, and, if the patron is blocked at his/her home site or the loan rules governing the material type and Patron type deny the check out, the check out will be denied. Note that all material presented for check out by the patron must have a barcode. When visiting patrons present items for check out, they must volunteer the information that they are patrons at a different site.

Checking Out Items to Visiting Patrons

To check out items to visiting patrons, you must be authorized for function 118 (IR Visiting Patron).

To check out items to patrons who are visiting from other sites in your INN-Reach system:

  1. Change the current mode to INN-Reach - Visiting Patron Check-Out. In place of a Scan Barcode box, Millennium Circulation displays a drop-down list of all the sites other than your own in the INN-Reach System.
  2. Choose a site from the list and then choose Select. If the complete list does not display, use the scroll bar to find the correct site.
    INN-Reach Agency Model

    If your Local Server uses the INN-Reach Agency model, Millennium Circulation will not display sites that belong to your Local Server. You can check out materials to patrons in Circulation Desk mode.

    Blocking Visiting Patron Sites

    Innovative can configure the INN-Reach Central Server to suppress specific sites from the list of sites with which visiting patrons can claim affiliation. By suppressing a site, you can prevent all patrons from that site from participating in visiting patron circulation. If you want to suppress a site from this list, ask your Central System Administrator to contact Innovative.

  3. Retrieve the patron record by scanning or keying the patron's ID. The patron ID type required is specified in the Scan Barcode box.
  4. Millennium Circulation then displays the patron's record after retrieving it from the patron's site. If the patron's site requires a PIN, the system will prompt for it.
  5. Scan the item or items to check out or key an indexed item field. When Millennium Circulation checks out the item, it changes the item's status to OFF SITE (@) and applies the institutional circulation loan rule. At the patron's library, a virtual item with status CHECKED OUT (-) is attached to the patron's record.
    Local Use Only

    Some items that are available at the owning site are not available for INN-Reach loan because they have a local I TYPE that translates to a "LOCAL USE ONLY" I TYPE on the INN-Reach Catalog.

    For example, you may have Reserve materials with local I TYPEs that allow them to circulate locally; however, these local I TYPEs may translate to a "LOCAL USE ONLY" I TYPE on the INN- Reach Catalog. These items are available to visiting patrons unless your local Loan Rules and the Loan Rule Determiner table are setĀ up to make these items non-circulating for central P TYPE patrons. The visiting patron's P TYPE is translated to a central P TYPE. There is no translation of the item's local I TYPE to a central
    I TYPE.

    Visiting Patron P TYPE Mapping

    Your Central System Administrator can modify your INN-Reach system so that visiting patrons are assigned a Central P TYPE that is different from the Central P TYPE assigned to patrons making requests on the INN-Reach Catalog. See Visiting Patron P TYPE Mapping in the INN-Reach Manual for more information.

  6. You can alter the item's due date with the Change the Due Date button.
  7. After checking out items to the visiting patron, choose Close to check out items to another visiting patron.
  8. Be sure to properly band or use a removable label on the item so the item will return to your location if it is returned to the patron library.
  9. To check out items to local patrons, change the current mode to Circulation Desk mode.