Tip of the Week - #028 (What Happens If a Patron Returns a PCIRC Book Directly to the Owning Library?)

Keywords: returns, broken record, returned too long

The owning library should the check the item in as they would do normally. Once they do that, the system will automatically clear the patron information off of the owning library's record as well as clear the item information off the patron record. If for some reason, the item is not checked in, then this information will not be cleared and the patron will receive an overdue notice. Usually a call to the owning library to check their shelves clears up the problem.

If the information is cleared on one system and not the other, then this is referred to as a 'broken record'. Most times these records can cleared up by running the Remove Invalid Virtual Items report (located with the Returned Too Long Report). If running this report does not remove the virtual information then this record needs to be reported to III. To do this, open a ticket with Innovative and in the subject heading put the words: OHIOL INN-Reach broken record with your library catalog code. That will be the key to send the problem to the Resource Sharing group to handle it. They are the only ones who can go in and clear the record.