Tip of the Week - #031 (Marking Items as Non-Requestable in the Central Catalog)

Keywords: non-requestable, status, item type

If you have items that circulate locally but you do not want them to circulate on PCIRC, it is important that you create a separate item type (itype) that can be mapped to a non- circulating itype on the central site. Once this itype is created, select the appropriate central site itype (see the PCIRC Getting Started Manual), and send both to tschwing@ohiolink.edu for entering in the central site table. This change in itype allows you to circulate the items locally, but makes them non-requestable centrally.

Another way is to change the status code locally. This is not recommended, though, for items that circulate locally (like reserve materials) since this will require you to reset the status every time you check the item in. Status code changes should be used for collections that do not circulate locally (such as reference materials).

Please make sure that your materials are coded correctly. If you have a collection that is indicated as 'requestable' centrally but you cancel all requests because it is not, then you only create frustration for the patrons making the requests and create extra work for yourself.