Tip of the Week - #036 (Alternative Tip for Maintaining Locations Served Tables)

Keywords: locations served

Because of the size of our library, I have found an easier way to maintain the Locations Served lists. We have two lists of Locations Served, one for our library, Cedarville, and one for OhioLINK sites. The lists look identical, except that one (Cedarville) lists the LOCATIONS SERVED and includes all our local branch (location) codes (e.g. Reference, Main, CMC, Media, etc.). While the second list for OhioLINK, lists all the locations NOT served, and is identical to the Cedarville list.

This works great for us since all non-local branch codes in our system are for OhioLINK and their list of branch codes is much longer than our local list. That way I only have to update the Locations Served lists when we add an additional local code, which has been less frequent than codes being added for OhioLINK.

Judy Boddy
Cedarville University